Hosting your event at Champions

Whatever The Happy Occasion is, Champions professional team has got you covered.

Birthdays, Anniversary, Graduation, Fundraising, Divorce ?… you name it we’ll make it happier & more fun for you at an affordable price.

For more info call or text 919-600-1590

Live Poker "Texas Holdem"

Champions brings you a FREE Texas Hold-em Poker game which is played nightly at the following Champions locations:


Free Karaoke

David and Jennifer Price's Original Karaoke has been the karaoke of choice at Champions for more than 20 years.  They provide DJ services for private and public events as well at Champions Bars. David says the key to their continued success is making everyone feel like they ARE part of a big family when they come in the door.  If you come in as a stranger, you leave with new friends.  David and Jennifer were expecting their daughter Samantha when they started working at Champions. Samantha has grown up and is starting to run her own shows!

David and Jennifer have been buying and collecting karaoke tracks since the advent of karaoke in the late 80's. This is why you will see the best of the old and the latest of the new in their extensive, versatile karaoke list! They have many titles that have been long out of circulation. There is something for EVERYONE!

Throughout the years, David and Jennifer have seen thousands of people come through the doors of the three Champions locations. They love seeing the "alumni" as well as meeting the "newbies"!  People grow and their lives change, but it's always nice to see them when they stop back in to say hello!

You can see the play list of David Price on